How to leverage your experience to pivot into a tech role

Recently, I questioned why it is conventional for those with graduate degrees to declare it in their titles, but not those with undergraduate degrees. In my family, it is a great feat for me to have graduated from college considering I am the first woman to have the opportunity. In an act of rebellion, I decided to append the abbreviation “B.Sc” to my LinkedIn title, but that opened up a broader topic of my unconventionality within tech including my major, degree-level, and even my identity as a Black Latina.

A career in tech was not within the purview of my…

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Social media has become a platform for social activism and unification by centralizing users on a single message decorated with a pound sign— a hashtag. Most notably is the #BlackTechTwitter created by Pariss Athena which manifested a community of previously siloed Black professionals in tech. One tweet, “What does Black Twitter in Tech look like? Here, I’ll go first!” became a movement which’s very existence refutes the notion of a pipeline problem. Since its debut in 2018, hundreds of hashtags have divulged to capture the multitude of industries where Black individuals continue to be underrepresented, including #BlackInData was founded by…

Frida Orupabo, Untitled (2018), collage with paper pins mounted on aluminum 106x80cm. Photography: Carl Henrik Tillberg.

Empowering Data Literacy within the Black community

Google advertisements and Netflix recommendations have brought more widespread awareness of algorithms, and how they learn from our behaviours. You may have experienced eerily relevant advertisements pop-up on your feed after googling an item (or even just talking about it). As users of data-collecting applications, our identifying information and behaviours (i.e., data) serve as the input for algorithms, a set of instructions, to perform tasks like generating personalized recommendations or targeted advertisements.

Algorithms are silently automating previously manual decision-making processes that have allowed for scalability and optimization of tasks. However, when algorithms are built upon biased data, the byproduct of…

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I made the decision to pursue a career in data at the end of 2017 at my kitchen table in near tears; I was scared to enter a field with such a high barrier-to-entry. Not to mention the statistics showed tech was not a place for me — a first-generation Afro-Latina woman (with a non-traditional background). But, 3 years later, I’ve started as a Senior Analytics Engineer at Netflix on the Data Science and Engineering Platform team.

Although underrepresented women of color (Black, Latinx, and Native American/Alaskan and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander) are 39% of the total US population of women…

Initial Data Analysis (IDA) is a fundamental step in data cleaning prior to Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). The functions below are simple functions to prepare data for further analysis and modeling.

First, you will need to import the following libraries in order to run the following functions.

The initial_analysis() function takes in a data frame and outputs the shape of the data frame which outputs the number of records and features. It also includes the data types of each of the features. …

Excel remains a prominent tool for data analysis and data visualization, especially amongst business analysts. Thus, often it is necessary to read and write to Excel workbooks. Below are some of the basics to get started with integrating Excel into your workflow programmatically with Openpyxl.

Create Workbook (or load existing Workbook)

To create an empty Workbook or apply the save() method must be called to initialize it. Once a Workbook has been saved no further modifications can be applied, instead you must use the load_workbook() method and pass the filepath.

Add and Delete Worksheets

To remove a worksheet the sheet name must be passed to a variable to be…

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Experienced Data Scientist and Engineer, Mentor & Speaker providing advice for transitioning into data careers

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