• SimonFink


    Data science enthusiast

  • Bill Degan

    Bill Degan

  • raheem nasirudeen

    raheem nasirudeen

    Muslim, Statistician, Data Scientists, Machine Learning enthusiasts and AI.

  • Husna


    Data Scientist | Always Learning | Writer | Interests: Machine Learning, AI, Remote Sensing, Green Tech

  • Stefan Ullrich

    Stefan Ullrich

  • Swati Bharani

    Swati Bharani

    Imperfect Being. Finding the joy in work. Learning, Failing, Learning, Repeating.

  • Barathwaja S

    Barathwaja S

    Developer / Automation Enthusiast

  • Sayantika Banik

    Sayantika Banik

    D&I Advocate: Working with Data & Open Source

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