The ‘Non-Traditional’ Path into Tech

How to leverage your experience to pivot into a tech role

1. Research the tech landscape before committing to a specific path.

2. Identify any transferrable skills that can be leveraged as qualifications.

3. Diversify the resources utilized to acquire new skills for a holistic perspective.

4. Work on side projects to get a sense of the day-to-day and gain practical experience.

5. Enter into spaces where conversations are happening by leaders in your prospective field.

6. Do not get pigeonholed to a specific company, title, salary, or domain early on. If one door closes, check another!

7. Consider a Bootcamp, fellowship, or interview preparation program that can assist with your career entry or transition.

8. Seek out job boards that will be able to provide specialized assistance or recruitment options.

9. Expect to job hop to build up your tech stack, and increase your salary.

10. Find a sponsor who will actively mention your name in conversations and create space for you. Build honest connections.

11. Focus on acquiring foundational skills over software or tools with a lower shelf-life.

12. If you don’t enjoy the journey, you won’t enjoy the destination.

Experienced Data Scientist and Engineer, Mentor & Speaker providing advice for transitioning into data careers

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